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Prof. Shinichiro Kurimoto's Resume

Written Books

Photo: Dr.Shinichiro Kurimoto Economic Anthropologist
member of the House of Representatives
Professor Tokyo University of Agriculture

Born November 23, 1941(57 years old)    Resign the Professor of Meiji University 1991 as protest to the university corrupted? Active as Economical Anthropologist or critic as talks either a hard line or a moderate one.

Chairman of the General University Research Institute, President of the Kurimoto-Shinichiro Freedom College, Professor of Tokyo Agricultural University, Guest professor of Teiko University and Takusyoku University, Member of the House of Representatives and a Parliamentary vice-minister of the Economic Planning Agency.

Hometown Tokyo
Academic Background Keio University Graduate school of Economy Doctoral Course 1971
Career Instructor at Tenri University, Reader (Associate Professor) at Nara Prefectural College, Guest Professor at Northwestern University (USA), Guest Professor at Vanderbuilt University (USA), Professor of the law department of Meiji University
Political Party The Internet Break-through Party of Japan
Denomination None
Constituency Tokyo #3
Experience Incumbent  2
Commission Director of Education / Director of Settlement of Accounts and Administrative Inspection / Finance
Political Career Liberal Democratic Party to None, Parliamentary vice-minister of Economic Planning Agency, Vice-Director of the Public Relations Department of the Liberal Democratic Party, Vice Chairman of the Education sectional meeting, Deputy Chairman of the Education sectional meeting, Finance sectional meeting, Vice Chairman of the Diplomatic sectional meeting, Vice-director of the International department .

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